We loved our home-building experience. It was such a good experience that when we decided to add onto our home, we didn’t hesitate to call StoneCrest. They were sensitive to our needs, wants and budget. We love our home just as much now as the day we moved in! When you are ready to build, we highly recommend StoneCrest Builders!

– The Richey Family

We recommend StoneCrest Builders without reservation. Their expertise guided us and eventually, the carefully designed plan became our beautiful home. The attention to detail and unwavering professionalism is evident. We will never forget the memorable day we walked into our home. The welcome was complete with wine, flowers, and fireplace glowing.

– Margie & Bob B.

My experience with StoneCrest Builders was very positive and overall a pleasant one. After more than three years in our house we are still very happy with the results, and are very proud of the partnership we had with StoneCrest Builders. They are very professional in their business dealings, and also extremely friendly and flexible in their approach to their customers.

– Roger B.

StoneCrest quality and workmanship is unsurpassed. The friends at StoneCrest do everything possible to make the process of building as stress free as possible. One of the little thought benefits of being a StoneCrest owner is that the excellent reputation and extra value that a StoneCrest home fetches when the time to sell comes.

– Steve S.

In 2007 StoneCrest finished our dream house. We provided Steve and Tracy with the base floor plan and they delivered the home of our dreams. We rarely drive up to our home without thinking…Wow, It’s really ours! Now it is more than two years after we moved in and it is still our dream house.

– William & Deborah A.

The process was well laid out, with a primary point of contact who kept us informed of progress and decision timelines. The design center StoneCrest used for both lighting and hard surfaces, worked with us to incorporate a cohesive feel throughout the house. The fact that our house won a 2009 Parade of Homes Award for superb design for a view lot, demonstrated StoneCrest’s commitment to excellence.

– David & Grace C.

We were fortunate to have StoneCrest build our home. We were new in the area and not familiar with any of the builders and looked at several before we chose StoneCrest. Having been in the construction industry for many years, I feel qualified to say they are all about quality, not to mention they are great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Max H.

We would highly recommend StoneCrest Builders for any construction work. We are very pleased with the quality of our home and working with StoneCrest was a pleasure. The staff is very professional and easy to work with. StoneCrest Builders works with integrity and can be trusted to deliver on their promise of providing quality construction for your family.

– Ken & Ann B.

We are so happy with our beautiful home that StoneCrest built. They are always ready to help on a fix or repair, making our home one to be proud of. Easy to work with, always ready to make things right, Steve and Tracy are an awesome couple.

– Watkins Family

The house was finished as and when promised. Staff members dealt with us face-to-face in a warm professional way throughout the construction process. Everyone we met and dealt with during the construction process was competent and a joy to work with. We love the house and strongly endorse StoneCrest as the builder of choice.

– Dick & Marlys M

StoneCrest did with the professionalism that one expects from an award winning general contractor. I also work as a contractor and see many homes in the course of my work. The quality of materials and labor provided by StoneCrest is exceptional and a delight to behold. You can always tell a StoneCrest home by its style and beauty. My wife still says on a regular basis how much she loves our StoneCrest home!

– Tim & Teresa M.

There are two major factors that caused us to buy a StoneCrest home. Their homes stood out as superior for quality and style. Another feature is many large windows, allows all that wonderful sunshine to filter into our home. All the staff at StoneCrest is always there to answer questions, no matter how trivial those questions may be. They build a quality product and want you to be satisfied with your decision.

– Doug & Lois J.

After 3 years in our new house, we are pleased with the quality and workmanship. We were pleased with the building contract, it was professional and timely. All warranty issues were resolved. If has been a good investment for us and we have recommended StoneCrest many times.

– Bernie & Claudia F.