Building Science

Our suppliers have been provided approved product lists which we have selected. Our supervisors perform routine quality inspections to ensure our standards are being met. We select our trades and suppliers based on their professionalism; many of them have been with us for 10 years. Our trades people and suppliers know that “this is how everyone else does it” goes out the window when they walk on to our jobsite.

When our lumber supplier ships out a second story floor pack to our jobsite they pay close attention to where the upper deck will attach, because the StoneCrest standard for this attachment is much different than normal practice. We insist on using an engineered beam as rim joist to ensure that we have a solid member to bolt our deck ledger into. We also have a special flashing detail that our framer carries around with him for this application to ensure that moisture cannot penetrate into the walls at this vulnerable location. Our stucco installer carries the same detail with them to make sure that the siding system works integrally with the framing and our supervisor oversees every step. You will never read about an upstairs deck becoming detached from one our homes.

This is one small example of an expansive methodology designed to build homes of superior quality. We continually explore new products, materials, construction processes and other advancements to ensure we maintain our standard.

At StoneCrest Builders, excellence is the standard.