Our Homes

It is not unusual to see our name on an advertisement of a home for sale by the second or third owner of one of our houses: “This home was built by StoneCrest Builders.” That is because our name has become synonymous with quality and resale value.

And quality is not an accident but a designed result. Every aspect of our process is controlled by a system. Every tradesperson that performs a task on your home knows in advance how StoneCrest expects it to be performed. Every product used in the construction of your house has been specified by StoneCrest. Every home we deliver has gone through a series of preset inspections before advancing to the next phase. Our customers are our neighbors. We do not live in another state and chase the building market from place to place. We are accountable for our projects, our customers and to ourselves.

At StoneCrest Builders, excellence is the standard.

The method of combining quality building materials, skilled labor, educated supervision and best construction practices is how we define Building Science. At StoneCrest Builders, we set the standards. All of our trades have been provided with scopes of work that explain how we expect a task to be performed. Our suppliers have been provided approved product lists which we have selected. Our supervisors perform routine quality inspections to ensure our standards are being met. We select our trades and suppliers based on their professionalism; many of them have been with us for 10 years. Our tradespeople and suppliers know that “this is how everyone else does it” goes out the window when they walk onto our jobsite.