Architectural Services

Steve LaMarr personally designs all of our homes. He has over 200 of his designs currently built in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. He began designing homes in 1999 drawing from his background in the building material supply and manufactured roof truss industry.

Steve noticed many inefficiencies in home designs over his 15 year career in the building material supply industry, which included routinely performing building material takeoffs and roof truss design. He decided that a balanced approach giving equal weight to beauty, function and efficient use of materials would result in a more valuable end product without compromising on luxury.

Steve understands how to value engineer your home so that you are getting the most for your budget. His service and experience are available to all of our customers.

“With enough money, anybody can overwhelm you with bling. Designing something that looks good and is still eminently liveable takes real talent.”

— Mike Wade